The Cargill Global Scholars Program is more than a traditional scholarship program. Our Scholars are ambitious, innovative and passionate about making positive change in the world.

Darren, Indonesia

<p>”Bolstering confidence, enhancing leadership, and broadening the horizon is what this program offers to each scholar. An impactful scholarship program for aspiring young leaders of the world, this is a marvelous and powerful experience you wouldn’t want to miss.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 6</b>

Genna, United States

<p>“The program enabled me to learn from university students from all around the world, hear diverse perspectives, and discuss global challenges facing the agricultural industry. I am so thankful for the opportunity and all it has taught me about global issues, world cultures, and myself.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 6</b>

Shankar, India

<p>“My mentors played key roles in setting up plans to achieve my goals, and instilled self-awareness that helped me realize my career aspirations.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 1</b>

Liu, China

<p>“It is a great program to cultivate leadership abilities, which is the key to success in your future career.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 3</b>

Riya, India

<p>“The program has made me realize new perspectives and think about innovative solutions to global problems. I have made friends from six countries, and have realized my core values, and how I can be an agent of change in the world.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 6</>

Wembley, Brazil

<p>“The program has shaped me into the best version of myself, pushing my cohort towards our goal of changing the world into a better place. I have Cargill not only as a partner, but have gained a network of young leaders from around the globe.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 6</b>

Polina, Russia

<p>“What inspires me the most about the experience with Cargill is that no matter what language you speak, you’ll be heard and understood during the Cargill Global Scholars Program. I have a voice to tell my ideas to change people’s lives for the better.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 6</b>

Tiange, China

<p>“Diversity and inclusiveness - that's what touched me most during my participation as a Cargill Global Scholar. This program exposed me to different cultures and ideas, making me realize my passion for international affairs. I'm really grateful for this opportunity to discover my inner self.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 6</b>

Andrew, United States

<p>“This program continues to have a positive impact on my potential career path in sustainability. Becoming a Cargill Global Scholar has opened many doors that were previously closed, in addition to developing leadership skills that would have remained undiscovered without this program.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 4</b>