The Cargill Global Scholars Program is more than a traditional scholarship program. Our Scholars are ambitious, innovative and passionate about making positive change in the world.

Scholar Impact

<p>Throughout their time in the program, Cargill Scholars grow as young professionals and developing leaders. Regional and global seminars offer the chance to network and form strong bonds with other Cargill Scholars from around the world. Mentorship with Cargill staff members allows Scholars to reflect on their values, discuss personal goals, and learn more about professional opportunities. Current Scholars and recent Alumni shared about the ways the program impacted them in surveys conducted by IIE’s evaluation team. </p> <p><a href=' https://www.cargillglobalscholars.com/media/medialibrary/2021/04/Cargill_Global_Scholars_Program_Impacts.pdf'>Read a snapshot of the Cohort 6 Scholar experience from 2020.</a> </p> <p><a href=' https://www.cargillglobalscholars.com/media/medialibrary/2021/10/Cargill_Impact_Global.pdf'>Learn more about the Cohort 1-7 Scholar experience from 2013-2019.</a></p>

Mentor Impact

<p>As part of the Cargill Global Scholars Program, selected Cargill staff members serve as Mentors to support Cargill Scholars as they navigate important academic and professional decisions. The pairs often form lasting personal connections along the way, making mentorship an essential component of the CGSP. Mentor surveys and focus group discussions conducted by IIE’s evaluation team highlighted the impacts that Mentors had on their Scholars and the impact of the experience on Mentors themselves. </p> <a href=' https://www.cargillglobalscholars.com/media/medialibrary/2021/04/CGSP_2020_Mentorship_Program_2-Pager.pdf'>Learn more about the Mentorship experience.</a>

Afdal, Indonesia

<p>”The whole program really opened my view to a much more comprehensive range of self-improvement and helped strengthen my weaknesses and discover solutions for growth. Talking face-to-face and in-depth with Cargill executives has truly inspired me.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 7</b>

Julie, Russia

<p>“This absolutely excellent program allows you to be prepared in advance for many situations in life. At first the lessons feel unfamiliar, but when you start applying them to your life, you rethink everything. And you do it with people from all over the world." </p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 8</b>

Poorva, India

<p>“A global community, two experienced mentors, awareness about my own aspirations and the confidence to lead the change in making this world a better place to live - this is what I got from the two-year mind-blowing CGSP experience.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 7</b>

Bruno, Brazil

<p>“The program connected me to businesses leaders and students from all over the world, providing a real multicultural opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally. From mentoring sessions to leadership training, the CGSP is a unique experience.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 7</b>

Yunfan, China

<p>“This program is a platform to embrace diversity and welcome challenges, an opportunity to meet new friends and know this world, a highlight to express my ideas and find my uniqueness. Thanks to this experience, I know how to become a better self and help the world thrive.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 8</>

Jean, Brazil

<p>“The CGSP gave me a new view of the world, understanding aspects of leadership and social responsibility that all leaders should have. Connecting with people around the world has increased my vision of impact and made me believe in my potential.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 8</b>

Polina, Russia

<p>“What inspires me the most about the experience with Cargill is that no matter what language you speak, you’ll be heard and understood during the Cargill Global Scholars Program. I have a voice to tell my ideas to change people’s lives for the better.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 6</b>

Tiange, China

<p>“Diversity and inclusiveness - that's what touched me most during my participation as a Cargill Global Scholar. This program exposed me to different cultures and ideas, making me realize my passion for international affairs. I'm really grateful for this opportunity to discover my inner self.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 6</b>

Ari, United States

<p>“Seeing Cargill Scholars and mentors from across the globe in one digital room was incredible; it felt great to be part of such a strong community of future leaders. You’d be amazed how much growth and knowledge the Cargill Global Scholars Program encourages.” </p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 8</b>