The Cargill Global Scholars Program is more than a traditional scholarship program. Our Scholars are ambitious, innovative and passionate about making positive change in the world.

Elory, Indonesia

<p>”Through my journey as a scholar, I have learned about authentic leadership from Cargill’s executives. I gained valuable insights to maximize my strengths and understand my own core values to improve my leadership skills.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 4</b>

Liu, China

<p>“It is a great program to cultivate leadership abilities, which is the key to success in your future career.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 3</b>

Shankar, India

<p>“My mentors played key roles in setting up plans to achieve my goals, and instilled self-awareness that helped me my career aspirations.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 1</b>

Cameron, United States

<p>“The Global Scholars Program exposed me to the diversity of the agriculture industry and challenged me to think critically about how I can improve our world with my work.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 2</b>

Natalie, United States

<p>“The Global Leadership Seminar was an incredible opportunity to learn about the unique challenges facing different regions from the perspective of university students around the world.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 3</>

Maria, Brazil

<p>“Having a mentor who works at Cargill is sensational! A person who is already very experienced and can contribute to my professional skills makes me excited about what is to come for my own career.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 4</b>

Aglaya, Russia

<p>“Through visiting the local Cargill facilities, I learned many new things about the global food industry in Russia and all over the world.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 2</b>

Mackenzie, United States

<p>“During the Global Leadership Seminar I met students from all over the world - it's an incredible opportunity and experience to learn, exchange ideas, and think about innovative solutions to current global problems.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 2</b>

Andrew, United States

<p>“This program continues to have a positive impact on my potential career path in sustainability. Becoming a Cargill Global Scholar has opened many doors that were previously closed, in addition to developing leadership skills that would have remained undiscovered without this program.”</p> <b>- Global Scholars Cohort 4</b>