“During the Cargill Global Leadership Seminar, scholar cohorts from around the world came together for a week to network, share experiences and grow as leaders. I learned how to work on a team with people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds to solve problems. Today I use these skills every day, working as an engineer on a global team of 70 people from around the world.”

Morgan, U.S. Cohort 1, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“The guidance from my two mentors helped me to not only know about Cargill but to plan my career as well. My mentors were very warm-hearted and considerate and even helped with hunting for jobs. The experiences related to the Cargill Global Scholars Program on your resume make you stand out as a more attractive and competitive candidate.”

Zhongyu, China Cohort 2, China Agricultural University

“All the activities the scholars take part in help us to discover new skills, like how we can work to improve our decision-making when facing difficulties or challenges. During the Global Leadership Seminar at Cargill Headquarters in Minneapolis it was also an honor for me to represent my Brazil cohort when we presented a case study about food security in our country. I will never forget this experience and the awesome Cargill staff and fellow scholars that I met.”

Anna, Brazil Cohort 1, Universidade de Sao Paulo in Piracicaba

“Through visiting the local Cargill facilities, I learned many new things about the food industry in Russia. The Global Leadership Seminar in Amsterdam was one of the most interesting parts of the program for me. Communicating with students from other countries was a very unusual and enjoyable experience. It is surprising to speak different languages but to understand each other and cope with challenges together.”

Aglaya, Russia Cohort 2, Saint Petersburg Academy of Veterinary Medicine